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The hotel in a refined period residence: sleep in a historic villa on the Riviera del Brenta

Hotel Villa Alberti is housed in an historic eighteenth century Venetian Villa, located along the picturesque Riviera del Brenta only a few minutes from Venice and Padua. The Riviera del Brenta has been an important communication and transport route since ancient times and is the place where, from the sixteenth century onwards, the sumptuous residences of Venice's aristocracy were built, all in perfect harmony with the rural landscape.
The Hotel is immersed in the timeless charm of the great architectural tradition of the villas of the Serenissima.

Built in the first half of the seventeenth century by the Alberti family, it was enlarged in 1800 and was then purchased by the current owner family in 2000. The central building of the Villa and the annex are surrounded by a large park divided into three different areas: the Italian garden in front of the villa, the forest with centuries-old trees, and the orchard with rose garden and meadow bordering the countryside.

Sleeping in a historic villa in Riviera del Brenta

Villa Alberti also recreates the ancient charm of the Serenissima through the furniture in its rooms enriched as it is by precious objects of art such as paintings, sculptures, lamps, ceramics, many of them in Liberty style, the result of over forty years of painstaking research.

The interiors still retain antique furniture, decorations, objects and paintings that bespeak its noble history. The hotel's beautiful historic park is protected by an ancient wall and preserves the beauty of a typical Veneto garden with its central avenue marked by hedges and centuries-old trees, the orchard area, greenhouses, statues and puteal.

It is the ideal place to relax with a drink, immersed in the silence and atmosphere of the green Veneto countryside.

A unique landscape of architecture and history overlooking the renowned Naviglio Brenta.

Villa Alberti is a member of the SlowVenice Network of tourist enterprises all with deep roots in the area of the Venetian lagoon.
Our joint aim is to offer you all the ingredients that go to make up an outstanding holiday based on the principles of authenticity and eco-sustainability.

Discover the Riviera del Brenta

The Riviera del Brenta was known in antiquity as the ideal extension of the Grand Canal of Venice.
This area, or 'territorio' as we call it in Italian, was formerly given over to agriculture but then became a popular holiday resort for rich Venetian Patricians families,
which brought in being what later came to be called 'Cultura di Villa' or Villa Culture'. There are numerous celebrated villas decorated with precious frescoes and surrounded by beautiful gardens, including, for example, the Villa Foscarini Rossi, part of the design of which was the work of Andrea Palladio; Villa Pisani, the most impressive, which started life as a customs post and is dotted about with frescoes (including one by Tiepolo) and has the famous labyrinth and orchard in its large park; and Villa Foscari called La Malcontenta, built to a design by Palladio. Sleeping in a historic Villa in Riviera del Brenta is the ideal place from which to discover the entire Venetian territory.


What to do in Riviera del Brenta

The best way to discover the wonderful architectural gems and their seductive atmosphere is to move around by bike and cycle along the route that follows the river. The predominant element throughout the entirety of the route is the water with its tricks of light and shadow, and the amazing effects rendered by the harmonious willows which line the banks. The entire route follows an unbroken succession of Villas, each with its own mooring on the river bank and well-kept parks, which are very often adorned with statues and water features.

SlowVenice is also a Tour Operator. We design a holiday experience that's tailor-made for you with all the sartorial elegance of Made in Italy combined with an ethical and eco-sustainable approach.


Here are some experiences that we offer you while staying at Villa Alberti:

Nordic Walking Lesson with an accredited Instructor of Scuola Italiana Nordic Walking
Canoe rental along the Naviglio del Brenta
Boat tour along the Naviglio del Brenta or night-time cruise along the Piovego Canal near Padua
Birdwatching on the Po Delta (50 km away)
Visit to a 'Valle da pesca', or typical kind of fish farm on the Southern side of the lagoon
Excursions to Padua (20 km), Treviso (40 km) or Vicenza (60 km)
Visit to other Venetian Villas (Villa Nazionale Pisani, Villa Malcontenta, Villa Badoer Fattoretto,...)
Entrance and guided tours to the Venetian Civic Museums
Food and Wine Tour
Guided tours with SlowVenice

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Travel Ideas - Staying in a historic Villa

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