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Venice Certosa Hotel

The hotel on an island in Venice

The Venice Certosa Hotel is an exclusive resort located on the Isola della Certosa, just 15 minutes by waterbus from Piazza San Marco.
The hotel offers you the experience of remarkably special accommodation in Venice - the enchanting city on water immersed in the tranquillity of a park in the lagoon, itself of priceless natural heritage and within easy walking distance of all the islands.


Sleeping on an island

The Hotel offers modern-style rooms with continental breakfast and bar, lounge, restaurant, meeting and conference rooms, shuttle and private transportation.

There are very few buildings on the Isola dell Certosa: the ***hotel, the restaurant and the Polo Nautico Vento di Venezia: a centre offering a full range of services for recreational boating, sport, environmental education, sustainable tourism, sporting and cultural events. An island located in a strategic position, it's just a few minutes by water bus from the centre of Venice and the Lido.

A stay at Venice Certosa Hotel, the only hotel on the island, offers guests options for cultural visits, relaxation and sports activities related to sailing, kayaking and cycling. The Hotel has comfortable and welcoming rooms, furnished in a modern style with unique references to the sea.

During their stay, guests can enjoy the island's tranquillity , a unique place to stroll, learn about its long and turbulent history and discover botanical varieties of great value and interest.


Venice certosa Hotel is a member of the SlowVenice Network of tourist enterprises all with deep roots in the area of the Venetian lagoon.
Our joint aim is to offer you all the ingredients that go to make up an outstanding holiday based on the principles of authenticity and eco-sustainability.

The island of the Certosa of Venice

The island of the Certosa extends over 20 hectares of parkland rich in vegetation, from woods of Chinese Privet with its exotic essences, white poplars and ash trees that recreate the prehistoric environment of the Venice lagoon, a mulberry of exceptional size and biotopes reminiscent of the environments of the most exotic of islands. The island of the Certosa's preservation of its priceless natural heritage has led to its being chosen to become the City of Venice's Urban Park, for both Venetians and non-Venetians to enjoy.

The Isola della Certosa, which has been the seat of an Augustinian and Carthusian monastery since the thirteenth century, is a place full of history The monks were the first to make improvements and introduce cultural and agricultural activities on the island, such as vegetable gardens and vineyards. Because of its peace and tranquillity so close to Venice, many nobles found refuge at the Certosa spiritual refuge. With the Napoleonic suppression of religious orders, the island was used for military purposes and abandoned finally in the 1960s. It was left in a state of total abandonment for several decades until 1996 when restoration began which continues today.


What to see in Venice

It is just 15 minutes by public water bus with frequent connections to Piazza San Marco, the headquarters of the Biennale “Giardini”, Murano Island, Venice Lido and Venice Marco Polo Airport.
On the island there are still some craft activities: in the carpentry they make and repair boats; there are sailing and kayaking schools; and a large park that can host events in the middle of a green space - something very rare in Venice.

SlowVenice is also a Tour Operator. We design a holiday experience that's tailor-made for you with all the sartorial elegance of Made in Italy combined with an ethical and eco-sustainable approach.

Logo SlowVeniceSlowVenice, ethical and sustainable tourism

Here are some experiences that we propose when you stay on the island of the Certosa:

Tour in Venice
Boat tours
Food and Wine Tour
Excursion to the islands of Venice
Excursion at sunset
Workshops for children in the park
Jogging, targeted workouts, and yoga practice in the island's park
Entrance and guided tours to the Venetian Civic Museums
Sailing or kayaking excursions
Traditional Venetian cooking lesson
Venetian rowing lesson
Excursions to Padua (20 km), Treviso (40 km) or Vicenza (60 km)
Bike tours
Birdwatching on the Po Delta (50 km away)
Visit to a 'Valle da pesca', or typical kind of fish farm on the Southern side of the lagoon
Guided tours with SlowVenice

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