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Family stay in Venice lagoon

A stay that’s perfect for all the family in the heart of one of the most beautiful and poetic places in the world: the Venice lagoon. An easy and varied itinerary on the plain, so you can visit the wonders that you come across along the road in absolute freedom and for as long as you want. You’ll see many a wonderful landscape with strips of land floating on the water’s edge, the habitat of a multitude of bird species. These special, unique places of the world will seem to be fixed in time as you ride along the green banks of the quiet river Sile and the captivating islands of the Venetian lagoon, before you then lose and then regain your bearings again in the labyrinth of the calli and the canals of Venice.

    • Day 1 — Arrival

    Upon your arrival you will receive the travel guide Un amico a Venezia (Your Friend in Venice) with all the tips and events taking place during the period of your stay.

    Themed dinner depending on the season in a typical local restaurant.

    • Day 2 — Workshop by the sea

    Workshop on the beach for the whole family

    What’s under the sand?
    Where does the grain of sand washed onto beach by the waves come from?
    Clods of earth, clay and silt, mudflats, dunes and sand – the ancient story of how this landscape was built up.

    During the workshop, we’ll find out the answers to these and many other questions. The route includes a short walk in which you will see much, hear many stories and make sculptures out of sand and beach materials.

    • Day 3 — Venice

    Tour of Venice dedicated to children

    Explore Venice on a fun child-friendly tour.

    Walking tour in one of the most authentic and captivating areas of Venice: the Castello Sestiere!

    In the more than 100 islands that make up the city, walk through calli, squares, gardens and explore how plants and animals live here by adapting to their environment.
    Smell the scent of briny water on your skin, see the water rippling in the wind of sirocco or bora winds and the play of light and shadows reflected on the glass of this millennial city as you walk upon the volcanic or limestone stones with their tales of far-off lands.

    Educational workshop at the Museum

    The Venice Natural History Museum is located in the charming Fondaco dei Turchi and has just inaugurated a new exhibition with an updated and modern museum visitor route with great audio-visual effects.

    The Museum offers educational activities and themed visitor tours with guide suitable for the whole family to bring adults and children closer to the extraordinary world of nature: animals, plants, fossils that come to life and invites the participation of anyone who wants to explore the fantastic natural world and its interactions with the human species.

    • Day 4 — Venice Lagoon

    Laguna Bike Tour

    Flat itinerary, easy and suitable for everyone. After an easy bike ride from the beach of the northern coast of Cavallino Treporti, you reach the famous lagoon village of Treporti and Lio Piccolo. The ride takes you across a range of different environments that follow one after the other from the sea to the lagoon: the coastal forest, small villages, canals and salt marshes. You then arrive at the ancient Lido of Lio Piccolo, the heart of the northern lagoon, from where you can see Venice in the distance and the islands of the lagoon.

    • Day 5 — Venice

    Treasure hunt in Venice

    A treasure hunt designed for all families including the little ones who want to explore every small detail, the hidden corners and the sounds of this unique city.

    Secret itineraries for children

    Emblem of the power and wealth of the Serenissima, and masterpiece of Gothic art, the Ducal Palace offers children and their families some absolutely captivating visitor routes criss-crossing the prisons via the Bridge of Sighs (which the condemned prisoners had to pass over to reach their cells) and thesecret routes”, that is, those secret spaces of the Serenissima (chancelleries, archives, prisons and so on) where the important and highly sensitive business connected with the government of the Venetian State was conducted.

    • Day 6 — Venice Lagoon

    The island of Sant’Erasmo on two wheels

    Easy, flat bike route (13 km). Go around the perimeter of the island of Sant’Erasmo with alternating countryside landscapes and lagoon views. Along the embankments, one’s gaze wanders over islands, salt marshes and stretches of water. Along the country roads, you will be attracted to the chessboard of gardens where the famous violet artichokes grow, here called “castraure”, asparagus and full-flavoured fruits. Amidst its squares rises the Maximilian Tower, a beautiful Austrian fortification with a circular base which has been restored and is home to exhibitions and events.

    • Day 7 — Venice Lagoon

    Nature sailing-tour on the lagoon.

    Excursion by small sailboat through the different environments of the lagoon: the lagoon inlet channels, the salt marshes, the fishing reserves, and the extensive reeds that line the navigation canals. We go on a voyage of discovery of the lagoon’s environment and several islands surrounding Venice.


Here is the SlowVenice Partner you will meet during your travel experience with us:

Camping Ca’ Savio has, for about the past 50 years, been providing its European clientele seaside holidays along the broad Cavallino-Treporti coast in an informal and quiet ambience, paying particularly close attention to the environment (waste, lighting, water): “For many of our guests the camping holiday is a family tradition!”

Here to find out more about Camping Ca’ Savio

Customize your stay!

Choose whether to be accompanied by the tales and professionalism of our guides for the entire duration of your stay, or for a few days, or just for individual excursions, or simply follow the tours independently using the directions and suggestions included in our travel book especially prepared for you!

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Customize your trip!

Choose whether to be accompanied by the tales and professionalism of our guides for the entire duration of your stay, or for a few days, or just for individual excursions